Rudy Simone’s International Aspergirl® Society

Our Mission

To bring women on the autism spectrum together for mutual empowerment, understanding, education, networking and support.

Our Methods 
1. Events by and for spectrum women around the world (open to general public)

2. Membership (exclusive to spectrum women, with benefits including Skype consultations, magazines, monthly video messages from Rudy Simone, networking and more.)

Rudy Simone envisioned a society with like-minded, compassionate women at her side to aide her on a mission to help support, give greater understanding and most of all, empower women and girls on the Autism Spectrum.

Watch this video:

Women with Aspergers can be some of the most powerful people in the world, but we are usually thwarted by geography and our inability to connect with a significant number people in our physical world. This leaves us feeling like one of the most isolated people in the world.

But this is where it stops….

“The rules are about to change”…. Rudy Simone

The International Aspergirl® Society is about making a difference globally to women with Aspergers. With a community of strength, support and understanding, together we can overcome obstacles that once hindered us.

We all remember that girl that bullied us, the boy that laughed at us, and every boss that fired us because we were weird or different. Our role is to educate the world about what is it like to be on the Spectrum. The internal experience we endure and the external consequences. As a Society we will address the personal, such as harnessing your own power, as well as the global, e.g. the human rights abuses that still occur even in this day and age.

The International Aspergirl® Society will be conducting conferences and events to help move things forward for women on the Spectrum personally, politically and socioeconomically.

You can become part of the International Aspergirl® Society through membership (click here for details) and become part of the global movement by empowering yourself and your fellow Aspergirl in becoming a stronger and unified force, in making changes for a better future.

You are not alone, you are understood and you ARE powerful…..

Rudy Simone


Please visit the International Aspergirl® Society website here for more information and membership.

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