About Barb Cook

Barb Cook’s achievements and accomplishments span a wide and lengthy array in helping and supporting those on and associated with the Autism Spectrum. If you would like to engage with Barb in writing articles, speaking events, media time or feel she would be of help, please email Barb via our Spectrum Women contact page and Barb will endeavour to support or help where she can.

2017 Autism Queensland Creative Futures Awards. Awarded Special Commendation by the Queensland Governor his excellency Paul De Jersey



10th September: Jessica Kingsley Publishers Blog: An introduction into the internationally acclaimed book, Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism.

30th August 20 minute presentation at ASPECT Autism in Education Conference: The Personal Empowerment of Goal Setting For Autistic Learners Within Inclusive Learning Environments 

21st August Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism book is released.

6th June The dark history of Hans Asperger emerges, the doctor the disorder was named after — Mamamia

12th February Manuscript completed for Spectrum Women — Walking to the Beat of Autism (Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2018)


1st December: Autism Queensland Creative Futures Recognition Awards with the Governor Paul De Jersey at Government House Queensland – Awarded Special Commendation for Individual Achievement      The Governor’s Speech at the event, click here.

14th November: Article SWM: Why are they so mean?

3rd & 4th November: Autism West Symposium – The Big Picture – 40 minute presentation on Living Independently within Society

2nd October Article SWM: Meaning of Life—an over-thinker’s guide to the universe

15th August Interview Autism West: Barb Cook on the Autism Gender Gap, Being a Chameleon and Finding Your Tribe

2nd August Article Autism West:  Autistic Pride: Be Unashamedly You – Barb Cook

28th July Article SWM: My Safe Space – Barb Cook

3rd July: Signed book contract with Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Titled Spectrum Women

26th June: Interview with Becca Lory Spectrumly Speaking – A Different Brains Podcast: Autism Advocacy in Australia, with Barb Cook of Spectrum Women Magazine | Spectrumly Speaking ep. 13

13th June Article SWM: Why I Write… A Spectrum Women Collaboration

27th May: Podcast interview with Jeanette Purkis for Positively Autistic Jeanette’s Autism Show

23rd MayAASET – Autistic Adults and other Stakeholders Engaged Together – Community Council Member

2nd March: Interview Lisa Morgan Author: Living Through Suicide Loss – A Conversation with Author Lisa Morgan


17th October: Article SWM: Why I Ride…. In the Beginning…. Aspie Biker Chick

1st September: Interviewed Michelle Vines Author:  Asperger’s on the Inside – A Candid Interview with Author Michelle Vines

20th June: Spectrum Women Magazine: Official launch

30th May: Australian Ambassador for the International Aspergirl Society: Founded and presided over by Rudy Simone, author, singer and songwriter


30th August: Inaugural Bikers for Autism Australia Charity Ride Sunshine Coast Qld: Beneficiary the Wemyss Family  $600 raised

28th August: Motorbike Writer Article: Bikers for Autism ride for struggling family http://motorbikewriter.com/bikers-for-autism/

21st May: ABC Sunshine Coast Radio Interview with Annie Gaffney: Discussion on Women with Autism

5th May: SBS Mini Documentary The Chameleons: Women with Autism: We often hear about autism in men, but rarely in women. The Feed (SBS) looks at three different generations of women living with autism and how the stigma of the condition is amplified by gender.


1st October 2014 ANCA Awards: Naturally Autistic People’s Award. Community Achievement Award 3rd place.

3rd April: Aspect National Recognition Awards Sydney: Finalist in two categories.

16th March:  30+ regional Australian newspapers: Article – For Barb, Autism is now a career. A DIAGNOSIS of Aspergers syndrome at the age of 40 has led Pomona’s Barb Cook to a career in international magazine publishing and a short-listed nomination for Aspect National Recognition Award. http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/for-barb-autism-is-now-a-career/2199931/

18th February: 98five Sonshine FM Radio: Talking about International Aspergers Day

16th February: Book Endorsement for Been There, Done That Try This – Tony Attwood, Craig Evans & Anita Lesko

Been There. Done That. Try This! – An Aspie’s Guide to Life on Earth

Edited by Tony Attwood, Craig R. Evans and Anita Lesko
Been There. Done That. Try This! gathers a team of top Aspie mentors to pass along insights for successful living to the next generation. Temple Grandin, Liane Holliday Willey, and many others, offer advice on coping with key stressors including anxiety, self-esteem, careers, and friendship. Each chapter ends with commentary from Dr. Tony Attwood.

‘Resonating profoundly with my own difficulties, the Aspie mentors within this book validate our challenges from their personal experiences. By giving positive practical advice, the Aspie mentors better equip us for many aspects of our everyday living. This is an outstanding guide that every Aspie should own!’
– Barb Cook, Editor-in-Chief of Autism Aspergers Network Magazine and co-founder of Australian Autism Aspergers Network Inc


4th February: Book Endorsement – The Wonderful World of Work – Jeanette Purkis

The Wonderful World of Work – A Workbook for Asperteens

Jeanette Purkis, illustrated by Andrew Hore
Full of practical information, engaging activities, fun illustrations and inspiring personal stories, this hands-on workbook demystifies the world of work to help teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder feel confident in their ability to get a job and encourages them to think about careers that might suit their skills and interests.

‘Getting that first job can be a daunting experience. In this workbook, Jeanette provides step-by-step, easy-to-understand advice on how to succeed in joining the workforce. With a positive approach to résumé writing, gaining work experience, sound interview skills, to what is expected in the workplace, The Wonderful World of Work opens up many doors of opportunity, arming Asperteens with the right knowledge and ambition to mastering a fulfilling career ahead.’
– Barb Cook, Editor-in-Chief of Autism Aspergers Network Magazine and co-founder of Australian Autism Aspergers Network Inc.


January edition Autism Aspergers Network Magazine: View online version here.


10th December: Channel 10 Wake Up Breakfast Show

Filmed live at the side of the road outside the Channel 10 studio in Maroochydore and linked across to Sydney. Was certainly a weird experience talking live to people you can’t see but only hear in your ear piece.

Discussion on Aspergers Syndrome, Susan Boyle and later in life diagnosis with Barb Cook and the Channel Ten Wake Up team. Barb gives a personal account of her difficulties living with aspergers before gaining a diagnosis at the age of 40 and relates to the struggles that Susan would have encountered and the relief at finally getting an understanding of who they are.

16th October: Australian Women’s Weekly: Article – I was diagnosed with Autism at 40

Barb Cook was just 14 years old when her mother was dragged off to an asylum because she had autism. For the next 25 years, Barb tried keep her own symptoms hidden from medical professionals until she was finally diagnosed with Asperger’s at 40. Here, she writes about her journey from terror to acceptance and relief.


13th September: Autism Aspergers Network Magazine September edition: View online version here.

27th July: Pilot Promo Video for Caring 4 ASD: Barb Cook was part of a pilot video promoting a new organisation including Dick Smith https://www.facebook.com/caring4asdltd/videos/vb.230142197152171/203655256482697/?type=2&theater

1st June: Meeting Temple Grandin For Barb Cook this was one of the most amazing moments meeting with Temple Grandin. Such an inspiring woman. Barb was attending an event at which Temple and many other wonderful speakers, including Kathy Lette, gave excellent talks over two days.

25th May: Symposium Panel Member – Aspergers and the Autism Spectrum: Panel member of 5 at a Wellbeing Expo to a large crowd. First live speaking event.

30th April: Channel 7 Local News: Covering the release of the new Australian Autism Aspergers Network magazine.

25th April: Noosa Today Paper: Magazine is an Australian First

20th April: Meeting Professor Tony Attwood for the 1st time

Barb met Tony for the first time at one of his seminar’s on Women with ASC. Barb was shocked to have Tony “chase her down” in the crowd about the recently released Autism Aspergers Network magazine and asking where was his column!
Such a great day and Tony even did a fantastic short promo talk about how much he loved and supported the magazine.
This was the beginning of many more meetings and working together with Tony in getting great information out there on Autism Spectrum Conditions.

18th April: Skype Interview with Craig Evans USA – Autism Hangout

Meet Barbara Cook: The founder/publisher/editor of Australian Autism Asperger’s Network Magazine

Most of us already know there’s a fabulous community of people involved with autism. Whether you’re on the spectrum or love someone with autism, there are helpful people with positive news everywhere. In fact, the positive news is being piled up so fast, that new mediums and outlets to distribute this encouragement are called for.

And here to answer that call from down under is editor Barbara Cook. Her new, noteworthy entry is a magazine dedicated to “all things related to autism.” Autism Hangout please welcome today’s guest, the founder, publisher and editor of the Australian Autism Asperger’s Network Magazine, Barbara Cook.

13th April: Radio Interview with Beck Kelly – Real People Talk Autism Phoenix FM Bendigo

Meeting Kathy Hoopman: Author of All Cats Have Aspergers & signing our 1st magazine!

Absolute highlight for Barb meeting with Kathy just days after the release of the first issue of the Autism Aspergers  Network Magazine.

27th March: Australian Autism Aspergers Network Magazine Launched: Print and online version. 96 pages. View online publication here.


22nd November: Founded Bikers for Autism Australia

22nd November: Co Founded the Australian Autism Aspergers Network Inc.: Registered not for profit charity supporting individual and families on the Autism Spectrum. http://www.acnc.gov.au/RN52B75Q?ID=C7F10512-406C-4025-A59E-18130BE5C745&noleft=1


1 September: Co Founded the Sunshine Coast Autism Aspergers Network

3 March: Official Diagnosis of Asperger syndrome