The Artist

Poem by Elizabeth Ruben


Over the sparkling city

I shall build

A bridge

Of prism glass


And the rainbows

Of this overpass

Will enchant

The passers by


For the arch

Over the heavens

Has now been



By human hand

The rainbow’s seven

And now with

Pride I stand


My inner beauty

Once expressed

Outside, that

The river’s gentle tide


Shall play the

Music of my heart when

The harshness of this world

Tears me apart.


Elizabeth Ruben is a neurodivergent writer who has always had an affinity with the written word.

Her predilection for poetry can be attributed to her upbringing, with parents who introduced her to both literature and music. For her, poetry is a convergence of these two disciplines.

In a similar way, Elizabeth loves to trawl second hand stores for rare and beautiful objects. Her best purchases include a vintage bag made of Swarovski crystals and a pink Versace sweater with tigers on it. She believes that the appreciation of beauty is a poetry in itself.

As a neurodivergent woman, Elizabeth sometimes struggles with conversation, and poetry can be said to give a voice to her silence.