Our Vision

Spectrum Women is an international collaboration by and for autistic women. Our aim is to create a supportive community for women, girls and identifying females who are uniquely different. Our approach is to bring to our readers books, articles, stories and interviews by women of all ages who have a neurodivergent outlook on life in a positive, inspiring and unique way.

We advocate on behalf of all autistic women and girls, and we seek to be inclusive and respectful of all gender identities, sexual orientations, cognitive abilities, and racial backgrounds.

Our work embraces neurodiversity and the differing ideals we all have but with one common goal: to bring together a wealth of knowledge and strength in being the unique people we are.

Spectrum Women will work in partnership, both collectively and individually, with other advocates, professionals and organisations in furtherance of this goal. We will engage constructively on initiatives relevant to our goal and this may include providing a necessary challenge role. Where we disagree with the views of an organisation or individual, we will do so in a respectful and considered way, with a view to allowing the voice of autistic women to be heard and understood.