Writer Guidelines

Spectrum Women Magazine Submission Guidelines 

Spectrum Women is an online magazine and community dedicated to women and identifying females who are uniquely different. Our approach is to bring to our readers articles, stories and interviews from women of all ages who have had a different outlook on life in a positive and unique way.

Our online magazine embraces diversity and the differing ideals we all have but with one common goal, to bring together a wealth of knowledge and strength in being the unique people we are.

Spectrum Women magazine and online community is looking for inspirational stories and writers who would love to be involved in this project. We would love to hear your suggestions and thoughts on what you would like to contribute or areas that you would like us to cover.

Please send your ideas and thoughts to the editor, Barb Cook at editor @ spectrumwomen.com

Please read our writers guidelines below for submission of content:

  • All articles should be related to women, identifying females and nonbinary people who have something unique to offer others in an inspiring and positive way.
  • Articles must be originally written for the Spectrum Women Magazine and cannot have appeared elsewhere in print or online prior to publication without prior consent from the author and the editor of the Spectrum Women Magazine. Links or references to original piece must be supplied.
  • Adaptations of previously published articles will be considered. The original article needs to be submitted for comparison with link back/references.
  • Word count: Articles. 800-1000 words for first-person accounts/personal experiences/hope and inspiration pieces; 800 – 1,400 words for educational/instructional/research articles. Word count is inclusive of a 50–100 word bio and as appropriate, a reference list and/or any sidebar pieces. Please adhere to these word count guidelines when writing your article. Articles of more than 1,400 words will not be considered unless the topic/idea was proposed to us beforehand and was determined to be of high interest.
  • Articles must be your own work and you own the copyright.
  • Articles are scheduled up to one month in advance unless prior arrangements and considerations have been taken into account for it to appear earlier.
  • Authors representing themselves as having a specific condition are encouraged to have a formal diagnosis, rather than being self-diagnosed. Self-diagnosed authors content will be considered if deemed suitable by the editor.
  • Poetry is not accepted unless it is part of the arts section and deemed suitable for the general public.
  • We do not accept personal opinion or theoretical pieces.
  • Article must be submitted in English in Microsoft Word, Font – Times New Roman, Font Size 12pt, Line Spacing 1.5 lines.
  • Articles are to be sent by email or (if by post) burnt to a CD or supplied on a USB drive. A return paid envelope or package is to be supplied if you would like your items returned to you.
  • Images, photos or logos must be of high resolution, maximum 300dpi – minimum 72dpi, in RGB format.


Spectrum Women Magazine does not ask for nor retain exclusive rights to any work. You may publish your piece elsewhere, though we would prefer you wait 60 days to do so. We request the right to publish your work on our website indefinitely and on any future related websites or other platforms in whole or in part and for your work to be archived indefinitely.

You will be notified if your submission is chosen for the print publication. At this time, we can provide no compensation for your submission other than the glory of your name in print and the knowledge that you are making a difference. We may use a portion of your work to advertise our website or book (by using a quote or summary, for example).

Other websites may link to your essay, but no one may republish your Spectrum Women Magazine article without your permission.


All submissions will be reviewed by both the Editor in Chief and Copy Editor.

Spectrum Women Magazine reserves the right to review and edit work before publishing, for accuracy, validity, length, spelling, grammar, style, and clarity.

We do not publish material that we deem to be ableist or disrespectful towards people with any form of disability. Ableist language should be avoided and we reserve the right to add a content warning if such terms are used in an appropriate context (for example, to criticise someone’s use of ableist language).

We may choose not to publish foul or derogatory language, photographs or references we deem offensive with regard to race, religion, gender or sexual orientation or for any other reason we decide.

Spectrum Women Magazine is not able to provide feedback on stories accepted or rejected.

You may submit changes to your story, or request its removal from our website at any time. However, if your submission appears in the print copy you will not be able to recall your work for any reason.

Personal Information 

Your full, real name will be required for your online and/or print publishing agreement, but you may publish your story under a different name.

Your information will never be released to any third party.

If you choose to publish with your real name you do so with the understanding that the Internet is a big place and that information you reveal may be used against you by former spouses or friends, identity thieves, the media, current or future employers, and lawyers. Spectrum Women Magazine will not be held liable.


To comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we do not collect information from children under the age of 13. If you are 18 or younger, you must have your parent’s or guardian’s permission to submit an essay.


Spectrum Women Network Magazine does not assume responsibility for any information submitted by authors or readers. By submitting any work, each author/reader is stating they have properly followed all legal rules and regulations for writing and publishing.

When writing about individuals who are not public figures, please state explicitly in your submission that you have obtained permission to write about them, or have changed identifying details.

By submitting your essay to us, you guarantee that your submission is your own work, and that you are liable for its content. We will not tolerate libel, plagiarism, or copyright infringement.

For submissions please email the Editor here.