Dear Pinocchio Child (Poem) – Margo Comeau

Do not be afraid of this lullaby
Hush hush, none can promise you peace soon
No, not even a shoulder when you cry
That growing nose won’t teach you how to tune

In their own ways, everything is strange
I know, I know, they say that you’re different
Misunderstood love, please don’t ever change
In different ways, we’re all ignorant

In your eyes, everything is absurd
A saving grace to keep you entertained
How star-crossed you are from the herd
You’ve got no strings to hold you down, unchained

When you wish upon a star to be real
Pleasure Island will lure a naive puppet
With jackass ways to numb the circus you feel
Don’t lose yourself, or Jiminy Cricket

Cursed but more blessed to be on the spectrum
Within yourself, gently collapse into
The failed “normal” recognized as Autism
To make your Aspie potential come true

Dear Pinocchio child, you’ll learn to get by
Give a lil whistle when you need to hide
To become real, give up living a lie
And always let your conscience be your guide

M. Comeau

Reprinted with permission. Original source