Australian Autism Aspergers Network Magazine April 2013 Legacy Edition

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6 PROFESSOR UTA FRITH Up close and personal.

12 DR. LIANE HOLLIDAY WILLEY, EdD Happy and healthy on a horse.

15 AUTISTIC SELF ADVOCACY Katherine Annear gives constructive advice.

18 KATHY HOOPMANN  interview with renowned author Kathy Hoopmann.

42 TESCO MUM OF THE YEAR 2013 Winner Anna Kennedy OBE.

46 AVOIDING ASSUMPTIONS Jennifer O’Toole discusses misinterpretations on the spectrum.

61 SPECTRUM SUPERSTARS A journey with autism from Mark and Nichole Andrews.

62 TWICE EXCEPTIONAL Lee Ponder talks about her exceptional boy.

72 BEDROOM ENVIRONMENT Changing environments for kids on the spectrum by Linda Wymess

74 CHECKING THE BOUNDARIES Heartwarming Smartpup story from E.A. Synott.

86 HAYDEN THE WRITER Hayden Selfe gives us an insight into himself and his book.


26 HOW I FOUND OUT I HAD ASPERGERS SYNDROME Julie Day tells her story.

28 TAKE ME AS I AMJen Elcheson, living with aspergers.


45 JACKAUTASTIC Donna Wallace, mum, talks about her son and her business.

48 BEHAVIOURALLY SPEAKING Peggy Hailstone of the Autism Behavioural Intervention Association (ABIA), takes you on a journey into behavioural-based therapies and treatment.

54 DIAGNOSTIC PROCESS Niki Lakerink gives us a parents perspective having a child diagnosed.

58 ONE LETTER CHANGES A CHILD’S WORLD Sally Thibault tells us how reframing our words bring positive outcomes.

64 LEARNING WITHOUT SCHOOL Janelle Cole, parent, talks about home schooling.

66 ASPIE MUM Kerrilynn Harris tells her story of being a mum on the spectrum.

69 FATHERHOOD ON THE SPECTRUM Gavin Bollard, IT Professional, life as a dad on the spectrum.

70 PLAYGROUNDS FOR AUTISTIC KIDS Karen Ghidella, Kids to Do, discusses playground environment for autistic kids.


76 MAGICAL WORLD OF NEKEA BLAGOEV Debra Hosseini interviews Nekea on her life and art.

80 STEVEN COVENTRY BIOGRAPHYAn insight into Steven’s creative world.


24 HELPING ADULTS ON THE SPECTRUM Liz Brown, Life Coach, helping adults on the spectrum.

51 SPECIAL DIETS TO HELP AUTISTIC CHILDREN Kris Barrett from Nourish Me tells us important information about diet.


16 MY STORY Jeanette Purkis, her story.

21 THE ASPIE TO NT DICTIONARY Brian King gives a light hearted view on points of friction between the Aspie and Neurotypical communities.

22 ASPIE ABROAD Brad Beadel tells us his story of travel.

83 TECHNOLOGICAL REVIEW Ryan McNeilly-Smith reviews the latest technology.

84 CHOOSING APPS FOR CHILDREN WITH AUTISM Bronwyn Sutton discusses apps for children.

88 BOOK REVIEWS Footprint Books review Jennifer O’Toole’s Books.