Autism Aspergers Network Magazine September 2013 Legacy Edition

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18  PINK ON THE SPECTRUM by Jennifer Cook O’Toole

33  BIG, BIG TRANSITION at GRASP  Founder Michael John Carley of GRASP reveals the past ten years

57  CHRISTIAN’S GIFT  A mother’s story

63  UNIQUELY DIFFERENT A child’s perspective

78  PLANET ASPERGIA  Inside the world of Miss Elle of Planet Aspergia Von Douglas

82  ASPERGER SYNDROME AWARENESS   Barb Cook interview Bryan Chandler founder of ASA online


36  IRLEN SYNDROME   Seeing the world differently with Fiona Randall

39   ISABELLE HENAULT   Sexual education and intervention

43   SIMONE BARON COHEN   Theories of the autistic mind

48  CONNECTION PROCESS  Centre of Understanding, Dena Gassner

50  PROFESSOR TONY ATTWOOD & DR MICHELLE GARNETT   Depression and Aspergers Syndrome


44  FRIENDSHIPS   Part one of Jen Elcheson’s article on friendships.

36  ASPIE’S AND INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS   Jeanette Purkis personal story

30  ASPERGERS AND HYPERVIGILENCE    Mark Pashley explains


7   DAMIAN SMITH  A behind the scenes look at a life of an Aspie comedian

10   RUDY SIMONE   Barb Cook exclusively interviews Rudy about her newly released album Gothic Blues

13   RUDELY INTERRUPTED   Australian Indie band

16   WHO IS TALINA   14 year old pop sensation

72  SPECTRUM ARTIST CRAIG ROVETA   Debra Hosseini opens up his amazing world for us to view

76   STEVEN COVENTRY  Art Exhibition


60    SAME BUT DIFFERENT  Cassandra Scott opens up about her son

66   MATE FOR MASON   A family plight to raise funds for an Autism Assistance Dog

68   RESPITE   Linda Weymss explains it’s OK to take time out

70   SUNNY HOME SCHOOLING   Heather Haines expresses her reasons for leaving mainstream education


12   LETTERS TO LINDA   Linda Wemyss answers your questions

42  ASK PROFESSOR TONY ATTWOOD    Tony gives professional advice

52   WHAT, WHEN, WHERE & WHY?   ABA therapies explained

54   CHEMICALS   Kris Barrett reveals the hidden dangers in our diet and in the home

68   AN ASPIE ABROAD travel tips  Brad Beadel tells us his tips on surviving traveling abroad

85   TECHNOLOGICAL REVIEW   Ryan McNeilly-Smith reviews the latest technology

86   TOBY PLAYLAND APP  Bronwyn Sutton reviews Toby Playland App

88   BOOK REVIEWS   Resources at Hand good reads