Are you a late-diagnosed autistic woman*?
Are you the parent/carer of an autistic woman or girl?
Do you self-identify as an autistic woman?
Are you a professional who comes into contact with autistic women or girls?
If so, we want to hear from you!
Researchers at the Tizard Centre, University of Kent are designing a screening tool for autism, which focuses on earlier identification of autism in women and girls.
What is the project about?
This study relates to the use of a female specific screening tool, and whether this will help to identify autistic women and girls. Currently we know:
• Males are more likely to be diagnosed as autistic than females
• Females are often diagnosed later, either during adolescence or adulthood.
• Autistic women say that their lives would have been improved if they had been diagnosed sooner.
We have developed a screening tool called the FASST (Female Autism Spectrum Screening Tool) and we want autistic people, carers and professionals to help us identify whether the screening tool is asking the right questions to help identify if a woman or girl might be autistic, thus supporting earlier identification of autism.
If you think you would be interested in taking part in the study, or simply want to find out more, please contact Lizzie Gale (eeg6@kent.ac.uk) who will be happy to talk to you and provide you with more information about the research.
* At this point in the research we are focusing on people who identify as female, we know lots of autistic people identify as nonbinary or other genders and that these people often face similar difficulties when they don’t fit the male profile of autism, we hope to research the use of the FASST with this group in the future. We would still like to hear from you if you identify with other genders, so please get in touch.
Contact Information:
Main Researcher: Lizzie Gale – eeg6@kent.ac.uk Tel: 01227 827955
Academic Supervisors: Dr Jill Bradshaw – J.Bradshaw@kent.ac.uk, Dr Fiona Gullon-Scott – F.Scott-256@kent.ac.uk, Prof Peter Langdon –