BOOK REVIEW: The A to Z of ASDs, Aunt Aspie’s Guide to Life by Rudy Simone

Review by Jen Elcheson International Aspergirl Society Ambassador Western Canada

A to Z ASDs Rudy SimoneHave you ever wondered if there was an easy to navigate dictionary that also worked as a guidebook for all things pertaining to being on the autism spectrum? Aunt Aspie aka Rudy Simone, Aspergirl Agony Aunt extraordinaire and bestselling author of many books on Asperger’s, has you covered.  Aunt Aspie’s Guide to Life is a comprehensive, straightforward, and witty tome that can be read in any order one wishes. With a variety of relevant A to Z topics arranged alphabetically from ‘abnormal’ to ‘zen meditation’, it aims to educate and enlighten, and is written for people on the autism spectrum of all ages and their loved ones. Much of the information has come from Rudy’s extensive research into the work of many professionals, her own life experiences and lessons learned, plus the insights of other autistic/AS people.  She discusses many issues and ideas ranging from friendships, health and wellness, romantic relationships, employment, and sensory issues. This handy guide is one to keep close by when advice is needed and is helpful for anyone who wants to actively make positive changes in their lives.

During the writing of the manuscript, Rudy reached out to many people on the spectrum via social media and asked them what they felt would be important topics to adults on the spectrum, and what issues they most need support with. Many individuals answered her call, and Aunt Aspie’s Guide to Life materialized.

With her background in comedy, Rudy’s signature humour and sharp honesty are at the crux of this helpful guide, and though not every reader will agree with everything written in the book, they are bound to find an immense amount of information on how to best navigate life on the spectrum in ways that will work for them. Aunt Aspie does not shy away from the difficult aspects of life that come with being on the spectrum, offering many suggestions, anecdotes and wise words of encouragement to help us all live more empowered lives.

jen-elchesonAbout Jen Elcheson 

Jen was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 1998, back when very few people were diagnosed, let alone females. She has devoted her life to supporting and mentoring children on the spectrum. She currently works as an Education Assistant for the public school system, and as an assistant caregiver at a small daycare. Jen also runs an online support group, Western Canada Ambassador for the International Aspergirl Society, has written articles for AAN magazine, and is a lifelong music fan, especially metal and classic rock. Jen lives in northern British Columbia in Western Canada with her talkative cat, and two ball pythons.