BOOK REVIEW: Am I Autistic? by Lydia Andal

am-i-autisticAM I AUTISTIC?

A guide to Autism & Asperger’s Self-Diagnosis for Adults

By Lydia Andal

Published by New Idealist Limited, London

Review by Terri Mayne International Aspergirl Society UK Ambassador 


“Am I Autistic?” is a refreshing and positive book about autism in adults, focusing on autistic adults without learning difficulties. What makes this book stand out is that the author demonstrates the things that autistics can do, and do well, and not just what they can’t do. Lydia Andal uses the phrase “Professional Autistic” to perfectly describe the autistic who has a career, lives independently yet may find it difficult to manage their autistic traits, but does not appear to struggle enough to unlock the support that a clinical diagnosis can bring. Andal goes further to identify the considerable contribution that Professional Autistics make to business and industry and discusses how many autistic traits have a positive aspect that is often overlooked, she eloquently refers to this as “Autistic Advantage”.

Andal includes her own personal journey as a self-diagnosed Autistic  and offers balanced information for those who  want to find out if they or someone close to them is autistic. She enables the reader to make an informed choice as to whether they wish to pursue a clinical diagnosis or would prefer self-diagnosis instead. The advantages and disadvantages are clearly articulated.

Andal’s writing style is a pleasure to read. It is engaging and clear, blended with amusing anecdotes along the way.  Sometimes, when the world around you is focusing on what is wrong, you need something to remind you that it’s good to focus on what is going right! This book does exactly that.


terri-mayneAbout Terri Mayne

Terri works as a Project Manager for a global healthcare technology firm. As an Aspergirl, Terri learned the skills and behaviors required to succeed in a corporate environment from a unique perspective. Now she uses that knowledge and experience to provide coaching to others in leadership behaviours, organisational skills, building business relationships, and workplace coping strategies. She also enjoys motorcycling and helps to run a women’s motorcycle group created to empower and promote confidence to women who ride. She lives in West Sussex, UK.