The Wonderful World of Work. A Workbook for Asperteens.

purkisworkbookThe Wonderful World of Work. A Workbook for Asperteens by Jeanette Purkis


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1. Why Should You Go to Work?
2. What Kind of Work Do You Want to Do?
3. Your Own Unique Skills and Attributes – The Best Thing that You Have!
4. School, University, Skills and Work.
5. Getting the Most Out of Employment Services.
6. Working – What’s Involved? And How Do You Get a Job?
7. Get that Job! (Includes CVs, Interviews and Referees).
8. Volunteering – The Giving Keeps on Giving – to You!
9. Different Kinds of Jobs.
10. How to Gain Spectacular Skills for the Workplace.
11. Joy and Elation at Workplace Communication!
12. Ooh, Scary and Exciting! Starting a New Job.
13. Help for Employees on the Autism Spectrum.
14. What in the World is Workplace Relations?
15. Trouble at Work! What Do I Do?
16. Being Brilliant in your Own Business.
17. Getting Ready to Go for It!

This motivational new release is a must for teens and young adults on the Autism Spectrum wanting to break into the employment market.

Many young people on the Autism Spectrum find the prospect of applying for their first job extremely daunting due to the added anxieties associated with being on the spectrum. Where do I start?… How do I write a resume?… What do I wear to an interview?… What is the interview process?… are just some of the questions that are often asked by these young people.

The Wonderful World of Work’s inspiration was drawn from Jeanette’s own personal experience as a person with Aspergers Syndrome, navigating her way through the many ups and downs that aspies often encounter. Now with many years under her belt as a successful and fulfilled employee within the government sector, Jeanette shares her invaluable tips on how to prepare and to get that job!
Jeanette will guide you through the process of evaluating what type of work you would be interested in, what skills do you have or require, what is involved in the workplace, right through to what is expected at your first on the job. Jeanette also reveals the many benefits in volunteering and gaining work experience to better improve your chances in heading towards a career that is right for you.
Filled with witty illustrations and personal accounts throughout, Jeanette’s workbook gives positive and motivational support to many teens and young adults whilst also providing a guidance aid to their parents and teachers.

purkisaboutworkJeanette Purkis has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from RMIT University and works for the Australian Public Service as a policy adviser. Jeanette recently received an Excellence Award from the CEO of her department for promoting inclusion and advocating for disability. She is a frequent speaker at autism conferences and she facilitates a support group for women on the autism spectrum. Jeanette has a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome and is the author of the autobiography Finding a Different Kind of Normal, also published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. She lives in Canberra, Australia.

Andrew Hore is a cartoonist and illustrator with a community worker background, who provides community-focused cartooning programs, specialising in mental health and positive goal setting. He has extensive experience in comic strip creation, book illustration for adults and kids, posters, and online cartoons and he lives in Canberra, Australia.