Let Me Make You Aware (poem) by Jen Elcheson (Content warning: bullying)

Content warning: bullying


A distressed young child held down to a chair

They say he’s “just being a brat”

They clearly don’t care

The teen they think is too shy to speak

Is aware they are different

And may be more powerful than meek

The adult struggling to find lasting work

Is discriminated against

Over their many ‘weird’ quirks

We may not always look others in the eye

When I see it being forced I grumble and sigh

Others laugh when we flinch from noise or touch

Not understanding

Overstimulation can be too much

They say our behaviours are something to fix

Their ignorance is strong

It’s just how we tick

They only see through the narrow lens of their ways

A burden, tragedy, non-human

Happening constantly, day after day

‘But you seem so ‘high functioning’, not much different from others’

I’ve heard that a million times

As have my autistic sisters and brothers

They tell us how to think, feel, and what to do

It’s highly disturbing

We have our own points of view

We have a lot to share

Be it from our hands or mouths

We are autistic

And we can speak for ourselves!


About Jen Elcheson

Jen was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 1998, back when very few people were diagnosed, let alone females. She has devoted her life to supporting and mentoring children on the spectrum. She currently works as an Education Assistant for the public school system, and as an assistant caregiver at a small daycare. Jen also runs an online support group, has written articles for AAN magazine, and is a lifelong music fan, especially metal and classic rock. Jen lives in northern British Columbia in Western Canada with her two ball pythons.