SWM presents Dr Isabelle Hénault speaking with Christine Jenkins ~ Autistic Women and Intimate Relationships

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Spectrum Women Magazine (SWM) presents an interview with Dr. Isabelle Hénault (psychologist and sexologist) speaking with SWM Correspondent Christine Jenkins about autistic women and intimate relationships. Topics discussed are safety, consent, naivety, how to read the signals, and misreading intentions. Dr. Hénault also gives insight to the upcoming clinical guidelines for identifying autistic females, and on sexuality and the law.

Recording date May 12, 2018 Montreal, Canada.

Information and links to books mentioned in interview:

The Autism Spectrum, Sexuality and the Law: What every parent and professional needs to know — Tony Attwood, Isabelle Hénault and Nick Dubin.


Upcoming French female profile and clinical guideline book. Isabelle Hénault and Annick Martin. Publisher www.editionsleduc.com

About Dr. Isabelle Hénault

Dr. Hénault is a psychologist and sexologist with degrees from the University of Québec at Montréal, Canada. Her practice and studies have focused on providing diagnosis, education, and support to children, adolescents, adults, and couples living with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Dr. Hénault has developed a relationship and sex education program, and works with individuals and groups to increase their understanding of sexuality. She also conducts relationship counseling. She is presently collaborating on numerous international research initiatives involving socio-sexual education and interpersonal relationships. For more than two years she worked at Tony Attwood’s clinic in Australia. Dr. Hénault is the author of Asperger’s Syndrome and Sexuality: From Adolescence through Adulthood, published by Jessica Kingsley Publisher, London (2005).

About Christine Jenkins — International Correspondent

Christine is a certified voice teacher, trained singer and former radio producer with a degree in journalism who also gives piano lessons on her century-old grand. Christine is a peer mentor to many women who suspect they are on the spectrum. Her current special interests are research into and widespread use of female diagnostic tools, avoidance of misdiagnosis, and wellness for senior autistics. She speaks at conferences and was interviewed by CBC radio and the Ottawa Citizen. Christine co-founded the Asperfemme support group that hosted their first women’s conference in 2013 and recently co-founded the new group Facebook support group AsperDames for autistic women over 40. Late diagnosed in 2008, Christine speaks French and German (Swiss heritage), loves writing, reading, sewing, hiking, canoeing, tea and cats.

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